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Human Design journey began in Autumn of 2011

PHS journey began in Spring of 2018

Greetings, my name is Stephanie Zetah and I live on a regenerative farm in Central Minnesota.


It is one of my greatest hopes for my life, that it end with Peace and Love.

With the help of a Quantum Science called Human Design, I am able to connect to my unique intuition which allows me to navigate decisions that are correct for me. It helps to decrease the 'bumps' in the road of life and to celebrate my difference. I've seen radical transformations within myself and others. This is especially helpful for parents of young ones, as discovering their particular dietary needs can help decrease physical and emotional discomfort around meal times.


If you are a parent, I highly recommend these professionals for HD Parental Guidance. Check out the Success Stories page for information on what other parents have discovered utilizing HD  within their families.

Sand Dunes

Human Design Consultation

Are you considering a big change or feeling stuck in life? I will use your birth date, time and location to provide a basic Human Design analysis into your unique genetic imperative. Yes, this is basically the How To manual for your life! Don't take my word for it, enter into the experiment to see for yourself.


We will discuss how to truly live by your Inner Authority which can bring radical change to your life and being. I will highlight habits you may have that do not serve you based on your definition. In my experience, discovering what isn't really me, but what I sense from others, helped me to evolve great balance in profound ways.

Sand Dunes

Death Midwife Services

A Death Midwife, also referred to as a Death Doula, is a non-medical holistic companion who guides and supports the dying person in order to facilitate a gentle and tranquil death.

If you desire sacred support from a compassionate being who is here to listen and to help facilitate the death you desire, please consider contacting me.

I am dedicated to honoring your wishes no matter your faith.

Closeup light reflecting on wood
Closeup light reflecting on wood
Candice N.
Los Angeles, CA

"I came to Stephanie to find HD guidance on career, moving homes, and just my general overall self. In just an hour, I felt more clarity than I did this whole year and already felt so much lighter and happier after our session. I felt validated and am excited to lean more into the design and person I am meant to be."

Vicki L.
Minneapolis, MN

"Stephanie introduced me to my Human Design and it empowered me with how to navigate life in a way that works best for me. The reading answered so many questions about myself and helped me so much that I am booking a consultation for my son and his wife who are about to have their first child. Thank you Stephanie for all that you do to make this world a better place!"

Fiona S.
Hutchinson, MN

"Stephanie has helped me and my children to understand the differences within our designs and she has given me practical guidance as to how I can support my children based on their Human Design. It has improved how we communicate and how we structure eating and sleeping in our household."

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Positive Deathing Offerings

All faiths welcome.

· Pre-death emotional support, planning and paperwork. Loving support to the individual and family during the dying journey.


· Information and resources in regards to standard funerals and burials/cremation, as well as green and home funerals. Guidance and support for the family to have a home funeral.

 · Bereavement support for grieving family and friends.

$50 | 1 hour

Path Illumination Analysis with Human Design

This is the most potent offering, most folks don't even need to go beyond this consultation to experience great changes in their being and life path.

Receive a foundational Human Design analysis to move through a stuck situation, pattern or to help motivate you towards your next great chapter with greater ease.

*Exact birth date, time and location needed.

$115 | 1.5 hour

Family Dynamic Human Design Consultation

Submit up to 4 charts of your family and we will discuss the compromises to be aware of and how they affect your family dynamic. Bringing awareness to your differences can improve relationships by changing how you communicate by truly understanding the real fundamental needs of each family member. Sometimes learning how those around you are different can help you to accept and understand them rather than having the desire to change them.

*Exact birth date, time and location needed.

$70 | 2 hours

Death Planning: Family Interview

In this meeting we will discuss  your journey thus far and how you would like it to proceed. You will determine at what capacity you desire my assistance after I share resources for you to consider.


Death Planning: Facilitation of Home Funeral

Creating and holding sacred space while offering verbal guidance to the family as they flow through the process of ceremonial bathing, moving and display of the deceased.

Responsibilities do not  include hands-on-care as this requires a Funeral Director license but it is legal for the family to do this themselves.


Death Planning: Support with Funeral Home

Accompaniment to funeral home. Review of General Price List. Support with selection of goods and services.

$75 | 1.5 hour

Practical Support on Your Unique Journey into Living your Design

You know the basics of your strategy and authority and desire help in how to practically integrate it into your life. This is a life-long process and it gets easier over time so long as you are dedicated to awareness.

*Exact birth date, time and location needed.

$75 | 1.5 hour

Child Chart Consultation

Learn what your child needs to eat for good digestion as well as, what their optimal learning environment is—knowing this makes a huge difference in rearing school-age kids. We each have a unique way of assimilating food and Human Design can help you nourish your child well by honoring their particular needs which may be very different than your own.

*Exact birth date, time and location needed.

$50 hourly | 2 hour minimum

Death Planning: Vigil

Extended accompaniment and family support in the active stages of dying. I will support you and your family by creating and maintaining sacred space previously agreed upon. Emotional, spiritual and physical support will be available to you and your loved ones during this time.

$54 hourly | 2 hour minimum

Death Planning: Visits

Tasks may include the provision of readings, music, conversation, healing touch or general companionship with the dying family member.

Responsibilities do not  include medical treatments, housekeeping, household chores or childcare.


Death Planning: Officiating Funeral Service

Consultation with the family with regard to personal information about the family, music and reading selections, religious and/or spiritual acknowledgements and programming.

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